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RealEase Property Management

Experience hassle-free property management that adds real ease to your life as a landlord

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About Us

We provide fully-furnished homes for short-term stays for both business travelers and vacationers. Our team works closely with each client to ensure that they find the perfect accommodations to meet their needs, all located in prime areas.

For corporate clients, we offer customized corporate housing solutions for employees on extended business trips or relocations, as well as temporary housing for interns and new hires. For vacationers, we offer a range of homes that are perfect for families or groups of friends looking for a comfortable and relaxing vacation.

Our properties are located in some of the most desirable neighborhoods in the area, and we take great pride in maintaining them to the highest standards.

Why Should I Lease My Property To RealEase?

Care and Protection

Experience less wear and tear on your property as our cleaning staff ensures that your property is in top-notch condition on a daily basis. Many landlords are surprised to find their property in poor condition after a two-year tenant moves out, but with our dedicated cleaning staff, you can be rest assured that your property will remain in outstanding condition for our guests throughout their stay.


We enhance security measures by installing outdoor security cameras, implementing noise detection devices indoors, and upgrading traditional keys with smart locks for enhanced safety.

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Guaranteed Rental Income

When you lease your property to us, we provide you with a guaranteed rental income throughout the entire lease term. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of tenants failing to pay on time or the uncertainty of a tenant losing their job. With us, you’ll receive a stress-free monthly rent payment without any worries.

Minimize Tenant Turnover Cost

Our goal is to establish a long-lasting partnership with you, preventing extended periods of vacancy that result in lost rental income and resulting in reduced costs for repairs or replacements for turnover.


We prioritize comprehensive insurance coverage to guarantee your home is protected. Our insurance includes multiple layers, such as comprehensive business liability, property insurance, renters insurance and a $1 million coverage policy.

Our Promise

Industry Standard

With our industry expertise, we fully manage your property, ensuring maintenance and care. Guests are screened, safety measures taken. Trust us to uphold our commitment and safeguard your investment.

Trust And Safety

​Trust and safety are paramount. We've taken steps for your peace of mind: 24/7 video monitoring at entrances, noise detectors alert our local staff, and smart locks with unique guest codes that reset after checkout.

Quality & Care

Our skilled cleaners maintain high standards after every guest stay. They're trained, detail-oriented, and take pride in their work. From tough stains to sanitization, they ensure exceptional results.

  • What Is a Master Lease?
    A master lease is a type of lease that gives the lessee the right to control and sublease the property during the lease, while the owner retains the legal title. In this case, a housing authority or service provider would be the lessee, allowing them to sublease the property to its clients.
  • How Do Your Master Leases Work?
    We like to lease our properties for multiple years, however, if the landlord is hesitant we give the option to do a 2 year lease with an option to renew the contract.
  • What Rules Do You Put In Place To Make Sure No Damages Occur On My Property?
    Each client signs a statement of agreement (before entering) stating that we reserve the right to keep full security deposit if any rules are broken and will be asked to leave immediately with help from our team members on standby. Strict House Policies: No smoking of ANY KIND No mail delivered No parties, events, or business gatherings No moving or rearranging of the furniture No pets No disturbing neighbors No parking anywhere other than assigned spaces No loud noise or music
  • How Will You Know Who Gets In, Out Of The Property, And What Are Your Security Measures?
    There will be cameras installed on the front, side, and back of the property. This alerts us when noises or guests reach a certain level. We will also install Automatic Door Locks that will send and reset custom codes for a new check-in. Each client will have an exclusive passcode, no passcode will be used twice.
  • How Do Rent Payment Work?
    Payments will be sent out through our direct deposit. Rent payments are the same as payments from a regular tenant. We may also do wires, Zelle, etc. We pay market rate with a multi-year lease agreement. If you are interested in enrolling in Auto Pay, please contact us. *Auto-Pay is a feature we give to landlords so they will always receive their payment automatically at the beginning, end of the month, or even a day earlier.
  • How Will The Property Be Maintained?
    We have professional cleaners that will be coming into the property twice a week to make sure your property is maintained in the best conditions. We also have a 24-hour handyman that will be on standby for emergency maintenance problems so the landlord isn’t bothered by any small nuisances.
  • How Will The Property Be Furnished?
    Your property will be fully furnished, each piece of furniture will be carefully picked by our interior designer who’ll decide which ones best fit the house’s design.
  • If There Are Any Damages To The Property, Who Will Take Care Of It?
    If there are any minor damages we will cover the cost. We will also have insurance that will cover up to $1,000,000 in potential liabilities or damage.

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